Coachella Kit (or any festival thereafter)

Coachella Kit (or any festival thereafter)

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We've collaborated with Lynn Appel of Love Lynn Botanicals to put together some helpful items that will take care of you at the festival.  A little bit kindness kit and a little bit first- aid kit.   Bringing comfort and handling irritants the natural way. (All seven items included in the kit)

Fennel Seeds
Chew, suck, and spit out the seeds
  • Digestive
  • Breath freshener
Bentonite//Clay Powder
  • Poultice for acne and bug bites
Tumeric// 3 capsules
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Mix with tooth paste for a great polish
  • Mood-enhancer
  • Helps clear brain fog
Flower oil// .25oz
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Use for dryness, cuts, chapped lips, wrinkles, rash, even after Botox!
  • Spread generously, inhale deeply for relaxation

Tea Tree Oil// Cedarwood 5/8 dram

  • Tee tree oil, Texas Cedarwood essential oil
  • Use neat or diluted on skin for bug bites and blemishes
  • Sprinkle on your hotel sheets for mosquito repellant
  • Mix with water for a natural disinfectant for hands  

Lavender Oil 5/8 dram

  • Anti-aging, safe to use on face
  • Aromatherapy to calm and relax before sleep
  • Great for smelly airplanes and trains (or roommates). Apply on pulse points.
  • Great for hangovers and nausea

Coconut Oil//Vitamin E Oil 1/2 oz

  • Mix with anything 
  • Swoosh in mouth for 10 minutes to clear sinuses
  • Mix with bentonite and tumeric to whiten teeth
  • Mix with tea tree oil to dilute to use on skin as enhance antibacterial

The oils used in the butters and flower oils are a mixture of:  calendula, lavender, rose, avocado, jojoba, vitamin e, defractionated coconut, shea, grape seed, argan, apricot, sweet almond, cbd, beeswax, essential oils.