Laurie Nouchka Collab

The British artist, Laurie Nouchka, has been developing artworks on limited edition, luxury activewear for the last 3 years. She has collaborated with private clients, like Equinox Gyms for bespoke works as well as creating her own city inspired collections featuring some of the world’s most iconic buildings including The Shard in London and the Chateaux Marmont in Los Angeles.

Her works of art are all inspired and informed by movement, be it through human form, architectural landscapes or travel. Her collection ‘for those that move’ can be found in stores, galleries and boutique hotels internationally who have also commissioned her to create site responsive pieces.

In 2016, Laurie, contacted us to do a piece on our iconic roadside boutique hotel in Fairfax Village for her active wear line.  We were very honored and happy to be a part of her collection and to meet a fellow lover of art and travel.  

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