Face Serum - KHUS KHUS

Face Serum - KHUS KHUS

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Each glass vial contains 10mls of plant superpowers which is more than enough to enhance the skin and just enough for you to decide which serum is working for you.

How much is 10 ml? About 2 weeks of use in each vial.  Why do we have so many face serums?

Every season is different and what our skin needs today may change over time.

We encourage you to use a combination of serums. Our products are designed to be a modern apothecary in the form of skincare.

SANS AGE face serum

helichrysum   german chamomile   blue tansy marula   baobab  argan  squalane  sea buckthorn Co2   rosehip Co2

Skin Challenges: normal, sensitive, inflamed skin, ideal for skin that needs to be calmed down and regenerated.

BLOSSOM face serum

moroccan neroli   petitgrain   red mandarin   wild carrot   sea buckthorn Co2   rosehip Co2   marula   argan   squalane

Skin Challenges: sensitive, redness, combination, dull burnt out skin a great universal skin tonic to combat environmental stress ideal for moderate skin conditions.

THE ROSES face serum

moroccan rose  bulgarian rose alba   rock rose   marula   evening primrose   jojoba   rosehip Co2   sea buckthorn Co2  squalane

Skin Challenges: dry parched skin, inflamed, sensitive, fine lines, an excellent emollient for softening and hydrating the skin.

SEN face serum

endocannabinoid hemp extract   ruh khus   rhododendron   somalian frankincense co2   wild french lavender   black currant   squalane

Skin Challenges: acne, inflammation, dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation issues, highly restorative ideal for activating balance.

DETOX face serum

french violet   patchouli  white grapefruit   rock rose   jojoba  watermelon seed   tamanu   squalane

Skin Challenges: redness, acne, congested, skin that needs cooling down