Farmer's Daughter x Love Lynn Botanicals

Founder of Love Lynn Botanicals

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Lynn Appel and her company Love Lynn Botanicals.  After surviving from breast cancer, Lynn decided that she wanted to learn about healing with herbs.  She studied at the Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Medicine in NYC then started her own company in LA.  The basis of her products is in the belief that mother nature provides what we need to provide good health and enrich our body, mind and spirit.  With locally ingredients from farms in Malibu, Lynn mixes nutrient rich oils and waxes to create her line that is sumptuous as much as it is healing.  Much of her line includes CBD oil that provides many health benefits that are delivered through the blood brain barrier.

You can find the capsule collection in the room mini-bar as well as the Baggage store in the lobby or have it shipped to you through the the Baggage website.  

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